Fire me already

I’m no good at blogging. I don’t have the self discipline to come on here and write up all the things going round & round in my mind. I dialogue to myself in my brain so much of the time of all the expert things I have to share. Funny, witty, good timing all exist in my mind. I’m brilliant! But when I come to actually write something, I become a Zen Buddhists blank slate ready to be filled. It’s embarrassing, really. It makes me wonder do I even have any good ideas or something worth sharing at all? Who knows! But maybe one day I will sync my wit with my typing and get something entertaining for you to read.
Until then, I will be busy making decals. We also are now branching off into the shirt biz. I am very excited. My hopes are to eventually get into silk screening. Right now we are working with heat transfer & a clam shirt press, which is perfect for custom designs. My cutter/plotter is just as adept at cutting iron-on heat transfer as it is vinyl. The silkscreen I want to use for multiple single image, limited edition, numbered runs of unique designs. This thrills me!


About Laura K

Professional graphic artist, sign maker, designer. Quick, friendly, professional service tailored to your specific needs with great attention to detail. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Made in USA of made in USA materials.
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